Telephony fraud

Data security solutions have matured considerably over the last 20 years, and this has forced today’s cyber criminals to shift their focus to easier ways of getting access to information in order to enrich themselves.

The value of call analytics to the communications network

Big data, a term coined in the 1990s, refers to data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data processes. Imagine, 30 years later, just how much ‘bigger’ data really is.

Manage your Oracle devices from the cloud

Oracle’s Session Delivery Manager (SDM) product is a centralised management platform. Through a convenient dashboard, SDM facilitates flow-through provisioning, capacity planning, fraud protection and comprehensive performance and fault monitoring.

Protecting the Modern Enterprise

The rapid shift to hybrid working has extended the security perimeter, and while CISOs and their teams are working to secure data networks and websites amid digital transformations, voice networks are becoming a popular target for cyberattacks.

ORACLE Security Shield – “Detecting the undetectable”

Oracle Communications, with over 20 years of experience in delivering global enterprise network security, governance and compliance, is a trusted partner that provides the most powerful solution available in the market today using Oracle Security Shield to ensure the highest level of SIP-based call security.

VOIP and telephony fraud – why Oracle Security Shield?

When it comes to VOIP and telephony fraud detection and prevention, current firewalls that protect our data networks are completely inadequate in SIP-based communication systems.

VOIP and telephony fraud – new wave of fraud attacks, extortion

Landline and traditional telephone services have always been trustworthy, terminating in physical locations which are known to telephone companies, with known bill payers.

Avaya approves new alternative

Avaya is committed to providing their customers with third-party solutions that are fully compatible with the Avaya platforms.

OR900 Launch

Giving you a new cost effective TEAMS certified SBC – with ORACLE inside !


With everything becoming as-a-Service, no wonder Session Border Controllers are following as well.