Innovation in real-time communications security

Real-time communications are increasingly critical for employee collaboration and customer engagement, but linking customers, suppliers and partners through ever-expanding channels exposes organizations to bad actors like organized crime, nation-states, disgruntled employees and hackers. The exploitation of communications infrastructure, stolen data and phony calls add up. In fact, telephony fraud costs enterprises as much as $31 billion annually, with 45 percent experiencing three or more attacks in a year. Cybersecurity compromises can cost large organizations an average of $395,000 per incident, with the majority of fraud events tracing back to contact centers (61 percent).

To help enterprises combat these risks, Oracle Communications has combined the power of its Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller and sophisticated Policy capabilities with the advanced analytics, AI/ML and robust Security features of Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Communications Security Shield Cloud  (OCSS) erects a hardened boundary around networks to ensure every call is protected. As a SaaS offering, OCSS Cloud gives customers the ability to customize their risk tolerance on a per-call basis. It also enables an enterprise to focus its domain expertise on leveraging the always-on security for communications provided by OCSS, without needing to consume precious resources on the management and operation of the solution itself. OCSS allows configuration of call mitigation according to an individual risk assessment and score, with policy-based enforcement that enables it to be configured according to what the enterprise determines as an unacceptable risk score. This ability to tailor the solution to different risk perspectives means an enterprise can pay attention to the areas most important to them, such as: blocking calls during call setup; redirecting calls to investigators or call recording servers for smarter investigations; or immediately terminating malicious calls; among other options.

OCSS delivers fully automated real-time time risk mitigation, which combined with a 360° view of telephony traffic and risks protects IT security staff from “alert fatigue,” optimizing their time, reducing operational risks and protecting customer experience and brand loyalty. Advanced AI/ML analyzes every call to identify fraudulent activity and malicious behavior, which the Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller then blocks, redirects or terminates depending on predetermined actions.

For CIOs and IT organizations evaluating the link between their business and digital security risk, OCSS offers a unique solution based on risk-guided policy actions that automatically tailor call handling and resolution according to their individual risk perspectives. Check out our OCCS solution brief and infographic, and contact us for a demo.

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