Oracle SDWAN technology developers were doing SDWAN before SDWAN was cool. They had a centralized controller and orchestration model even before software-defined networking was introduced earlier this decade. Oracle SDWAN Edge solutions provide key network edge services critical to branch office and WAN management simplification—including SDWAN, routing, firewall, and WAN optimization.

Oracle SDWAN enables enterprises to transform their traditional WAN by augmenting or replacing MPLS with high-bandwidth and inexpensive internet connections—delivering a network easy to deploy and manage without forklift upgrades. Patented technology performs continuous unidirectional measurement of all paths and offers sub-second response not just to link failures, but to congestion-based brownouts. Oracle failsafe SD-WAN delivers better-than-MPLS high availability and exceptional QoE for applications site-to-site and site-to-cloud.

What is a FailSafe SD-WAN ?

A failsafe SD-WAN is an SD-WAN that delivers both MPLS-class high availability and high QoE (Quality of Experience) predictable application performance for both TCP-based apps and real-time apps like VoIP and videoconferencing – whether built on a hybrid MPLS plus Internet WAN fabric, or a WAN made up only of Internet connections


Oracle SD-WAN Edge, WAN Optimization offers the following capabilities:

Data compression

This reduces the payload size to deliver more data across the WAN, enabling unencumbered application delivery and the ability to handle more traffic. Oracle’s compression technology uses data patterns applied to data flowing through an Oracle SD-WAN appliance to free up bandwidth by reducing consumption and improving application delivery performance.

Data deduplication

This form of compression eliminates redundant data copies over the WAN and reduces storage overhead. Oracle’s deduplication technology ensures that only one, unique instance of data is retained at the requesting site. Redundant data blocks are replaced with a reference to the unique data copy, so only data altered since the previous backup is transmitted. This deduplication eliminates redundant data transfer across the WAN by sending references instead of the actual data.

TCP optimization

WAN optimization manages all TCP sessions, establishing and tearing down TCP connections locally (at LAN speeds) to avoid WAN congestion. This increases link utilization and improves the user experience. TCP termination offloads responsibility from servers having to handle the overhead imposed by the high volume of TCP connections.

A WAN management platform can help you provision, assess, and adjust your network on the fly – to get the SLAs you’re paying for and deliver the SLAs your applications need.

Nothing like a video from some of the ORACLE SDWAN customers, sharing their view on how ORACLE’s SDWAN solution transformed their cloud connectivity:

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