SIP-based Call Fraud Protection

Why do you need Oracle Communications Security Shield ?

When it comes to SIP call fraud detection and prevention, current firewalls that protect our data networks are completely inadequate in SIP-based communication systems. Call fraud is picked up by analyzing the caller and callee (A and B party) numbers, the number reputation (determined by many factors) as well as the call history and the call behaviours of these parties. This is not included in the functionality of data firewalls, which operate at lower levels of the communications stack.

Voice cyber-attacks ranging from scamming, spoofing, vishing and ID fraud, as well as robo-calling, call flooding and telephony denial of service (TDOS) attacks resulting in ransomware demands, are more and more causing business disruptions from stolen data, time lost and resources wasted as well as revenue losses, poor customer satisfaction and legal costs. Also communication-based threats, such as theft of service, harassment calls and account takeover disruptions can seriously harm your brand and cause significant financial damage.

Oracle Communications, with over 20 years of experience in delivering global enterprise network security, governance and compliance, is a trusted partner that provides the most powerful solution available in the market today using Oracle Communications Security Shield (OCSS) to ensure the highest level of SIP-based call fraud protection and prevention. By applying adaptive artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and dynamic verification of every call in or out of an organization to identify fraudulent activity and malicious behaviour in real-time, OCSS automatically generates enforcement actions such as blocking calls during set-up, redirecting calls to an investigator or call recording server, terminating live calls or rate limiting calls to specific calls per second limits, all in real-time and all pre-answer.

What is OCSS ?

Oracle Communications Security Shield (OCSS) is a cloud service that evaluates SIP-based calls sent from the Oracle SBC or any third party SBC via the Oracle Session Router, to the OCSS service and generates a reputation score for each call. Security Shield then sends an enforcement action for each call it processes, based on reputation assessment or deny lists, to your SBC. OCSS provides a dashboard where you can view information about call traffic, reputation scores, and detected threats, as well as manage parameters for handling risky calls.

OCSS dynamically determines the reputation score for a call by using data about the caller behavior, along with policies and thresholds that you can configure to provide you with a reputation level for the call. The Premium service supplements the reputation scoring based on traffic patterns (PSTN), phone number intelligence, machine learning and crowd-sourced fraud databases. Phone number intelligence includes data attributes about a phone number, such as line type and telecom carrier of record. OCSS integrates with your SBC, or first via the Session Router, with a REST API and allows you to customize how you want your SBC to respond to risky calls.

OCSS does the following:

  • Validates the caller’s phone number by caller behavior analytics and phone number intelligence.
  • Provides a Dashboard that displays a graphical visualization of the traffic on your telephony network, which events were detected, the enforcement actions applied, and more.
  • Detects threats such as Telephony Denial of Service (TDoS) and toll fraud.
  • Provides policies and call traffic thresholds that you can manage to better predict, prevent, detect, and respond to threats.
  • Provides real-time enforcement actions on calls.
  • Provides indications of no-value calls, such as robocalls and scam calls.


Security Shield’s unique and advanced features include:

Agnostic and autonomous cloud-to-ground scenario using Oracle’s Autonomous Database technology in the Oracle Cloud with advanced, pre-built analytical and machine learning capabilities that identifies and learns about global threats automatically. This enables the detection of the widest range of fraudulent calls possible.

Always-on, real-time threat identification and enforcement without any human intervention enabling instant actions to be taken to prevent fraud and block calls. This enables faster mitigation and results in reduced fraud damage.

Policy enforcement, using existing Oracle SBCs or Oracle’s Session Router when third-party SBCs have been deployed. This allows the usage of existing infrastructure in the enterprise.

No CAPEX investment into your core required – it is a subscription service based on the number of call transactions per month – all support, enhancements and upgrades are taken care of by ORACLE with no service disruption and no customer/integrator support staff required. This is an Opex cost model that reduces the skills required, which you as a service provider or UC integrator can immediately on-sell to the end customer – generating immediate profits.

The need for SIP-based call fraud protection:

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